Welcome to Akènefly Paragliding School,

Aware of the impact of our activities on the nature surrounding us, we have taken the initiative to raise awareness among our participants about the importance of conservation while offering a unique experience.

Our small biodiversity assistance program is an extension of our passion for aerial sports and our deep respect for nature. As avid lovers of mountains and wild spaces, we understand the importance of preserving these natural gems for future generations.

It is with this in mind that we have decided to offer you this envelope containing mountain flower seeds. These seeds are carefully selected for their adaptability to alpine conditions.

By sowing these seeds during your mountain activities, whether it be during walks, picnics, or other outdoor relaxation moments, you will become stewards of the preservation of the local ecosystem. The resulting flowers will not only help beautify our mountains, but they will also serve as shelter and a source of food for numerous plant and animal species.

At Akènefly, we believe that every action counts, and with these seeds, we hope to see you by our side as ambassadors of biodiversity.

*Selection of seeds included in the envelopes:

  • Anthyllide vulnéaire
  • Lotus corniculatus
  • Sainfoin
  • Purple clover
  • Yarrow
  • White campion
  • Poppy
  • Perennial flax



Why Akènefly? /a.kɛn.flaɪ/


The “akene” is a type of dry indehiscent fruit, meaning it does not open to release its seed. It typically consists of a single seed surrounded by a hard ovary wall. The term “akene” comes from the Greek “a, an” meaning “without,” and “kainos” meaning “new” or “recently formed.” Thus, literally, “akene” translates to “without new element,” referring to the characteristic of this type of fruit not opening to release its seed.

Examples of akene include strawberries, maple, and dandelion with its fluffy seeds (hence our logo).

“Akènefly” in the context of the paragliding school suggests a metaphor, associating flight, aerial movement with the dispersal of seeds. This symbolism can resonate with each of us in different ways and evoke all sorts of things and values (love of nature, exploration, dissemination of ideas, etc.).

By deforming it, we can also go from Akènefly to “I can FLY, Hike and FLY…”